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February 5, 2005


Okay, I'm here.
Things have been quite crazy for me lately. Here is what I'm doing:
Shooting Scrubs every day. (I'm directing my second episode next week.)
Recasting "The Last Kiss". This is the film I'm going to act in this spring. As some of you may know, Rachel McAdams was going to play the female lead, but she was unable to work out her schedule, so the part is now going to be played by Jacinda Barrett. (An amazing actress.)
Doing voices for "Chicken Little" the new Disney movie coming out in November.
Writing "Andrew Henry's Meadow". This is an adaptation of a children's book that my brother Adam and I are writing for Twentieth Century Fox.
Working on "Arrested Development". I'm going to be shooting a small part on my second favorite TV comedy on Monday.
Planning a music video for Gavin DeGraw that I'm no longer going to be directing cause I didn't agree with the label about what the video should be about.
Reading your comments. Just when I thought this blog was slowly fading away, the DVD brought it back to life tenfold.

Anyhow, that's why I'm unable to comment as often as I used to. Those of you who write sassy remarks about how I've abandoned you, please understand that I'm doing the best I can to keep on top of everything. Also, as this blog was established to be an online journal for me to share with you all what it was like to release my first film and go on the road promoting it, it's only natural that I will have less and less to say. But since so many of you remain interested (thank-you) I'll keep posting when I can. I imagine eventually I'll have to move this to my own site since Fox will probably soon evict us from their web space.

So, first of all- thank you all from all over the world for all the wonderful things you've been posting about GS, Scrubs, yourselves etc. I feel so lucky to be able to have this direct line of communication with my fans. I love it when you guys share personal stories from your own lives. So many of you ask me about writing, just skim through the comments and you'll see thousands of stories to write about. All I did was sit down and write about what I was feeling in my own life. What bothers you, what makes you laugh, what do you obsess about, what makes your stomach turn, what do you lust over? - just sit down and write about those things. That's what's universally interesting; those are the kinds of movies I like to go see: regular people in real life situations, dealing with emotions and worries I can relate to. Also, think about starting very simply; don't overwhelm yourself trying to think about the whole movie; write a scene between two people, then write what happens after that, then what happens after that. Don't get boggled down worrying about outlines and rules, just tell a bunch of stories that happen to the same group of people. And try (for lack of a better expression) keeping it real. There's a saying I really like to think about when I'm writing: "Don't do that, they do that in movies." Anytime I find myself writing something that feels nowhere close to reality, I try to stop and reign it back to what's true for me. Blah, blah, blah. I just wanted to offer up a couple of thoughts since so many have you have asked about it.

But take it for what it's worth. This is coming from a guy who got rejected from USC, UCLA and got C's in screenwriting at Northwestern.

I'm going to play poker at Donald Faison's place tonight. I lose everytime, but it is still a lot of fun. I try and learn how to be better by watching celebrity poker showdown, but it has yet to improve my game. It's really fun to have a regular game on saturday night, because saturday nights in LA aren't any fun. As in most cities I have ever lived in, the weekday nights are way more fun to go out then the weekend nights.

Okay: Amazing film to see: Maria Full of Grace.
Amazing Song to play obsessively: "Narrow Escape" by Ray LaMontagne
Insanely funny thing to watch on the net: Viral Videos on www.ifilm.com

Check out Keane on SNL tonight. (Great Band)
And please don't forget to check out my two best buddies web sites. The future of great music: www.joshuaradin.com and www.carybrothers.com

Smile, take a deep breath, it all starts going by really quickly after 28,

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Hey Zach,

Not sure if you're aware of this, but you won the Online Film Critics Society (of which I am a member) award for Breakthrough Filmmaker.


-Reel Film Reviews

Posted by: David Nusair | Feb 5, 2005 6:03:56 PM

You are too cool.

Posted by: Wazooo. | Feb 5, 2005 6:06:50 PM

hey zach! glad to see you posting again! well anyway ilove your work and you! so anyway thats all i gotta say
see ya!

Posted by: mel | Feb 5, 2005 6:07:15 PM

Hey Zach!
Yay for posting a new message! I hope everything is going well. Did you enjoy your week off from work? I've just been laying around all day watching my "FRIENDS" DVD's. I got my first real job offer doing PR for NBC!! I haven't decided if I'm taking it or not because I haven't graduated college yet, I go to University of Maryland, plus I don't know if I can afford to live in NY. I was thinking about getting a place in Hoboken with some friends, so we'll see what happens. We'll I need to get in the shower, me and some friends are going to the bars in Georgetown. It was great hearing from you again, maybe I'll meet you if I work for NBC! Can't wait to see you Tuesday on Scrubs :-) Take it easy cutie.


Posted by: Katie | Feb 5, 2005 6:11:32 PM

good luck at poker tonight!im sure youll win, just play like they do at celebrity poker showdown--bluff alot and distract people with ur jokes!

Posted by: danielle | Feb 5, 2005 6:13:28 PM

So I have had about the worst day of my entire life. It would be too complicated to explain, but essentially something that has been extremely important to me for the last four years has suddenly and unexpectedly ended. And what am I going to do? I am going to cry, and then I will watch Garden State. Thank you so much for creating something that I can find a tiny bit of consolation in at such an unhappy time.
On a brighter note, I have now been attending a "Scrubs" party of sorts on Tuesdays. Don't worry, none if the attendees have Nielsen boxes or anything, so they don't affect your ratings! But the episodes are so much funnier with a large group of people laughing along with you. I hope you have as much fun making them as we have watching them.
And finally, good luck with everything you have going right now. Even though this may not mean a lot to you, I am extremely proud that you did not give up what you believed in to make the music video. It's very inspirational. It's nice to know there are still people who care and stick to their beliefs, even when they run the risk of losing something.
So like I said, congrats on everything. You deserve it!

Posted by: Bridget | Feb 5, 2005 6:14:00 PM

hahaha, im actually listening to the soundtrack and reading your blog, kind of ironic huh

well after reading that 3rd paragraph, i thought thats what made GS such an amazing movie. The plot was simple, but it was all the emotion and the actors that made it all so original and beautiful. You=genius

well i wish i could say something crafty or tell you a story to make you laugh, but im feeling really unoriginal and i have a stomach ache :/

love love love-franchi [miami]
ps-why do i have to put my email address? do you really reply to all your comments through email? how does the "replying" with your blog work?

Posted by: FRANCHI | Feb 5, 2005 6:14:49 PM

Thanks for posting, it brightened my day. Still amazed by Garden State and can't wait for the new scrubs episode.

Posted by: Sarah | Feb 5, 2005 6:15:21 PM

You're going to be on Arrested Development? That is so great, my second favorite as well. Kudos, I hope it's a good character for you (make sure to pull a writer aside and let them reserve their best lines for you). By the way...I don't recommend Celebrity Poker for improving your game...it might go the other way. ESPN or Travel Channel might be a better bet. And oh god I really didn't intend to make a double meaning there. Anyway cheers, and yeah...definitely get your own website and dress it up a little.


Posted by: Arthur Delaney | Feb 5, 2005 6:15:30 PM

Welcome back. Glad things are going well. Scrubs has been halarious lately. Can't wait for the return of "the exgirlfriend from hell" next week. Oh yeah, and not to mention the DVD set coming out in May. Keep up the great work and thanks for introducing me to such great music. You can tell your buddy Josh Raiden that he needs a full album soon as his EP has left me begging for more.

Posted by: Justin | Feb 5, 2005 6:17:31 PM

Hey Zach,
My name is Kenny, and I'm from Columbia, Mo. I bought a copy of Garden State last week, and I have to say that it is probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. The emotion in it really hit home for me, b/c last November my best friend was killed in a car accident, and I really didnt know how to feel or act, I could really just realte to it like no other movie I've seen before. If you could email me I'd love to hear from you, my email is mr.wiggles07@juno.com, but if you dont want to, I understand.

p.s. By the way, Scrubs is the funniest show on television in my opinion...keep up the good work.

Posted by: Kenny Ashton | Feb 5, 2005 6:17:39 PM

Something to do with nothing: Finally saw Natalie Portman in Closer last night (naturally I loved her in GS - loved all of GS, but anyway...) and all I can say is WOW! What a great actress! Just blew me away. I'm 25 and am delighted my generation is so talented. Woohoo!

Posted by: bridget | Feb 5, 2005 6:18:01 PM

Finally a new post! I can't expect you to have time to post everyday, but it definitely lightens my day when I log on and see that you've made some time for your fans. Sometimes you feel so distant from a celebrity you look up to and are inspired by. What can I say, I tried to get you to come to Mardi Gras this year but you seem to be very busy. I'm down at school here for another 3 years, so make a trip of it one year! Everyone has to do it at least once in their life (or if you're P. Diddy, many more times than that). Cya!


Posted by: Allie | Feb 5, 2005 6:18:55 PM

hi zach! i'm a BIG fan of Scrubs! is it bad that i thought about claiming i had a class tuesday nights so i could watch it instead of go to work??

anyway, this is the first time i've commented here, but i just wanted to say that i LOVED Garden State, and i cried my head off at the end of the movie because i'd just gotten back from seeing my boyfriend, and had a similar "airport" scenario...except i didn't get off the airplane to go be with him at the end of my visit...it really touched close to home.

keep up the great work!


Posted by: andrea | Feb 5, 2005 6:18:59 PM

Wow! I'm like #3 to post to the blog and not #1462. Anyways, thanks for posting Zach you're great garden state is great blah de blah de blah :) As for you not posting enough, I just started posting here myself so who am I to criticize? I do love that you seem to be a moviemaker who cares as much about his soundtrack (well, maybe as much) as he does about the film. the two go hand in hand as I'm sure you know. On that note, let me share some of what I'm listening to right now...not that anyone may care but ya never know...i like garden state, especially the soundtrack, so maybe you'll like what i like. so here it is: holly's top 5 songs of the moment:
1. Chemistry Class - Elvis Costello(Armed Forces)
2. Strange - Tori Amos (Scarlet's Walk)
3. Different for Girls - Joe Jackson
4. I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges (disco...like twinkies...not good for you but oh SO good...in fact I think i'll have seconds)
5. Lover, You Should've Come Over - Jeff Buckley (preferably live..it's a shame this man is dead..truly)

So...fellow posters..if you are looking for something new to listen to, feel free to try something out like the above. cheers everyone and free fiona! :)

Posted by: Holly | Feb 5, 2005 6:19:30 PM

zach you totally need to talk on call turk... because then i could call it every day to get a dose rather than reading your blog every 3 seconds... ya know? and i'm not going to say anything sassy about you not updating -- i'm glad yr busy! cuz that means more wonderful productions and such.

Posted by: lindsay | Feb 5, 2005 6:19:50 PM

Bea Arthur here-
Hey zach. we have missed you buddy. Just a couple of things. For the love of all that is holy on this earth please dont start dating Paris, all respect for you will be lost. Also have you heard of the band metric? Are you really dating mandy? sees a good actress. By the way im not really bea, but whate ever. I THINK YOU SHOULD DO A REMAKE OF PAULEY SHORES CLASSIC BIO DOME, it could really be inspirational. Gives you something to think about.(jk)
c-money Aka colleen (jk) im not that sad


Posted by: colleen | Feb 5, 2005 6:20:38 PM

Hey Zach,

You are very busy these days working on exciting things that I can't wait to see. Sadly I have to report that the fishy I got a few weeks ago and named Zach passed away this week:( He never was quite right once I brought him home, I don't think he ate enough. I just got back from a day up at whistler, the snow was not so bad condsidering the amount of rain they have had over the last few weeks. I did manage to hurt myself pretty badly smashing my hip into a giant block of ice but it's all good:)

Have fun playing poker and I hope you win.

Posted by: Liz | Feb 5, 2005 6:20:41 PM

I adore you! Can't wait for The Last Kiss... And I feel you about saturday nights out here in los angeles.... Extremely boring. But I'm sure that you're life is a little more exciting than mine!

Posted by: April | Feb 5, 2005 6:21:08 PM

Can't wait to see you on arrested development.

Posted by: Sarah | Feb 5, 2005 6:21:09 PM

Correction....not even close to #3 on the posting but certainly not close to #1462 :) cheers!

Posted by: Holly | Feb 5, 2005 6:21:38 PM

Aw, we love you Zach and we know that you would never abandon us :) Gavin DeGraw rocks my socks, you can tell him that I said that if you want..I really don't mind. Poker eh? I need to learn how to play. I can't wait for all your new stuff to come out, and I can't wait for Keane tonight. Have a great day Zach :)

Posted by: sneha | Feb 5, 2005 6:21:53 PM

wow! thanks for the info on writing a good script! its sounds like so much fun! there have been so many times where i have a good idea for a scene, but no ideas for the rest of the movie. im glad you have so many projects going on, i cant wait to see 'em. scrubs is awesome!! i look forward to it every week! thanks for all your hard work. its great for us (your fans) to see what you have accomplished! :)

Posted by: sara | Feb 5, 2005 6:22:15 PM

Hey Zach,
Missed ya! Loved last week’s episode of scrubs. Honestly, whenever I need to laugh I just think of you in that white PIMPIN suite with the clock around your neck saying “but it’s only 10oclock. Hysterical, and of course your excellent dancing.

OK a few music rec’s for you to check out
Everything by Josh Rouse, any non rap artist that can put the phrase “I want to be your baby daddy” in a song is talented in my book. Song is “Sunshine”.

A few other good people to check out Ben Kweller Song is “Different but the Same” . Kind of about the rocky road of fame. Sure you can relate to it.

Finally, on a different note, those of us out here who are living in the real world (what a drag) and dealing with the dating scene are in a living hell. Have you ever checked out Jdate? I don’t think this is how god intended his “chosen people” to meet. But what the hell do I know. Anyway, if you want to laugh you have to check out some of these people.

If you are even a bit curious to check out my profile it’s JMG2005. I swear I give up on the whole damn thing. I’m ganna find me a nice Irish catholic!

Hey, maybe you should turn this Blog into something like a Dear Abby column…

Dear Zach,
I am a cute, smart, and witty female. I seem to only be attracting Dorks. Any dating advice you could give me would be much appreciated.
Yours Truly,
Dork Magnet

Posted by: Jenifer | Feb 5, 2005 6:22:22 PM

Why not just have a Zach Braff blog for when you feel like talking about anything (like WilWheaton.net)? They're easy enough to set up, or pay someone else to do it :)

Posted by: helen | Feb 5, 2005 6:22:24 PM