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January 20, 2005

Remember me?

I'm still here!!!!!!
I promise I have not abandoned all of you.

Work is very crazy right now. I have next week off and I promise I'll write a nice big post.

I am so tired right now that I am lying down and dictating this post to the burglar I found holding my computer when I arrived home. We made a deal that if he typed for me, he could keep my China.  And I don't mean dishware; he's a very simple man and I've managed to convince him that I have the power to hand over the Republic of China. I must say however, he's a dynamite typist; I'll bet he'll put my laptop to great use.

Thank you all for all your Garden State love. I'm slowly making my way through the over 3000 posts!!! I realize it's been a month since I posted and I have so much to tell all of you, but just wait a couple more days.

It was exactly one year ago that Garden State premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. So much has happened thanks to amazing fans like you all.

Peace, love and a pillow.


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