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October 28, 2004

Pieces of Tumms

Hello from Munich!

What a beautiful city. I must first mention they've swapped the position of the y and z on their keyboards here. As someone who's a mediocre typist to begin with, switching letters on a guy is a little like making him choose the right toilet in his hotel bathroom. Turns out one is for cleaning your ass. If you try it, I recommend sticking with the cold water. Things can get hot pretty fast.

The people in Munich are very friendly and the film has been received very well. It's so interesting to me, because I would have thought that the issues the film deals with would have been very American. But both British and German audiences have completely gotten the movie; laughing in all the right places.

I watched Scrubs dubbed in German the other night. It was hilarious. Especially since the guy doing the voice for Donald is clearly a nerdy white guy. I'm bringing home a tape cause I think Donald will get a very big laugh at this.

Poor Ashlee Simpson! I'm excited to tell you that this news has reached Munich. Acid Reflux huh? I get that too, you just chew down a whole bunch of Tumms. They even have tropical fruit flavors that are highly tasty. No need to go Milli Vanilli on national TV about it. But I do like the obscure ailment technique of passing the buck. Zach, why didn't you come to work today? I'm sorry - I've got soft bowel reflux - couldn't make it. Hey Zach, why did you lip-synch your appearance on Maury? I've never done this before, but my cuticles were itchy. My dad thought it would be best if I had our robot plug Garden State for me.

I'm off to Paris today. Europeans are very concerned that I will not be home in time to vote. They are as passionate about this election as we are. I assure them that I will be there on Nov. 2 with all of you.

Peace and also love,

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October 25, 2004

Damn that girl is fit!

Hello from London!

What an amazing city. I can't wait to come back here and spend some real time walking around when I'm not required to do 4000 interviews a day in the same dark hotel room. I'm staying in a very nice hotel. It's so fancy; the bathroom has two toilets right next to each other. Not sure why. Seems awfully decadent to me. Either one is for peeing and one is for pooing, or it's to enable you and your loved one to go two-sies at the same time. I don't know, but I like it. The people here are very polite and they absolutely love to drink. It seems like every activity is based around when you'll drink next. Perhaps that's why they have two cans in every bathroom. They love "Friends" here. I swear, if you flick channels, "Friends" is on at all times of the day. There's like "Friends" channels!

I learned a great expression today. "Fit" It means hot! Some reporter told me he thought Nat was "fit.” I said I think she works out, but I'm not sure how fit she is. No, he said- hot! I like that; I'm bringing "fit" home.

By the way, the episode of Scrubs I directed is airing tomorrow night, Tuesday 9:30pm. I know there is a big baseball game on, but if you wanna take a break from the game, please tune in and check it out. I think it came out pretty well.

Okay, I must go try to fall asleep. I'm off to Munich tomorrow, then Paris. I'm quite buzzed, so sorry if there's typos.

Hope every single one of you is well.

Peace and Love,

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October 14, 2004

Joshua Radin

Thank you all for your kind get well messages. Still have a cough that won't quit. That Nyquil sure is tasty though, huh? It's amazing when you're sick how many sure-fire remedies you get from people. One woman told me to eat an entire lemon, rine and all. I've taken 4000 vitamins and tonics and herbs, but I've still got a cough that rattles windows.

I wanted to let all of you in the Los Angeles area know that the amazingly talented Joshua Radin is performing at the Hotel Cafe tonight (THURSDAY 10/14) @ 9:00 sharp. For those of you who don't know who he is, check out www.joshuaradin.com His song Winter was featured on Scrubs and afterwards it was downloaded more than any song that's ever been on the show. Cary Brothers is even playing guitar with him, so it promises to be a very cool show. I'm a big fan of pimping new talent and I think Joshua is gonna be huge. See him now while he's still unsigned and has no burly bodyguards keeping him from signing your breasts.

Hotel Cafe
1623 1/2 N. Cahuenga Blvd.

I'll write more when I'm healthy...

xxxxxxxx and one o,


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October 10, 2004

Large in Lebanon

Hello everybody. I'm sick, sick, sick. Directing Scrubs until 6:30 am this morning turned my little cough into a very annoying cold. If any of you would like to e-mail me some chicken soup it would be greatly appreciated. When I got home today there was a cool fax in my machine that I think would be of interest to all of you who are reading this from outside the U.S. I have the international release dates for Garden State. They are as follows.

Trinidad - Sept. 22 (I know Trinidad - crazy place to kick it all off, huh?)
Lebanon - Oct. 14 (I swear, I'm not kidding you.) (I'm huge in Lebanon.)
Poland - Nov. 5
Australia - Nov. 25
New Zealand - Nov. 25
Slovenia - Nov. 25
Venezuela - Nov. 26
Brazil - Dec. 3
Mexico - Dec. 3
South Africa - Dec. 3
UK - Dec. 10
Chile - Dec. 23
UAE - Jan. 5
Hungary - Jan. 13 (that reminds me, I should order dinner.)
Portugal - Feb. 3
Spain - Feb. 4
Greece - Feb. 11
Italy - Mar. 11
Argentina - Mar. 31
Sweden - Nov. 26 (2005)

Furthermore, the DVD release is staying where it is on December 28th.
I tried to get it moved up, but there's all sorts of elaborate reasons that I won't go into as to why they gave us that date.

Also, this site will be changing soon into a site for the DVD. I'll keep blogging on that site, if you all keep reading. Yes I just said "you all" and I'm from New Jersey. For those of you who are nice enough to correct my grammar and spelling errors, please know that I write this half asleep most of the time and I do indeed know the difference between "your" and "you're".

Awesome song of the day: "Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths.

Peace, Love, and NyQuil,

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October 10, 2004

Large in Lebanon double post

To err is human. To combine all your comments into one Large in Lebanon post... well.. it's impossible. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please continue commenting on the above post.

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October 4, 2004

Please Register to Vote!!!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody,
Just a quick hello. Tomorrow I begin directing what is by far the most ambitious episode of Scrubs we've ever tried to shoot, so I've been mad, silly, stupid busy preparing for that. In the world of Garden State, you will notice that it's slowly coming out of theaters. It will continue to wind down between now and Thanksgiving, so if there's that great aunt you always wanted to see it or that girl you don't quite have the balls to ask out but you wanted to take her to the movie cause it's romantic and you thought the odds of you getting your mack on would go up - now is the time. I'm working - at many of your requests
- at getting the DVD release date moved up a week or two from December 28th.

Other than that, it's International time. I'm going to London on 10/22, Munich on 10/26 and Paris on 10/27. More cities to follow, but those are the initial press days for Garden State in Europe. I hope they like it over there as much as you all have over here.

Voter Registration deadlines are fast approaching in this country. Do the Earth a favor today and get one person who isn't registered to vote - to register. It's so easy, they can do it in one second at Rock The Vote.com. Especially all you young folk out there reading this. The time has come for our generation to stand up and make a difference.

The only people who regularly vote in this country are old white men, we need to change that... quickly.

Peace and Love,

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