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August 31, 2004


Inexcusable, shameless plug alert:

Hey all, so this TV show I'm on called Scrubs is premiering tonight on NBC at 9:25 eastern and pacific. If you happen to be home and you're not doing anything and you have a Nielsen box, would you mind watching it? Heck, even if you don't have a Nielsen box check it out. I promise to make you laugh at least once during the show. If it gets to be like 29 minutes into the half hour and you still haven't laughed I will come over to your house and tickle you. Which will be pretty awkward for me if you're a man or a child or have a big burly boyfriend who isn't exactly crazy about Jewish dudes to begin with. Basically it'll be awkward for me if you're anything but a single, legal, ticklish girl who doesn't mind strangers breaking into their house to tickle them and also (time-permitting) see if there's anything in your fridge and maybe play your x-box (no sexual innuendo intended).


P.S. Back to Garden State tomorrow.

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August 26, 2004

Visions and Revisions

Hello everyone!

Sorry for taking awhile to post, but I've had a lot of your comments to read. It is truly astonishing how many of you start your posts with, "I know you're not reading this, but..." Then there are those who write, "I know you're not reading this, but... Just kidding, Zach. It's soooooo cool that you read this." Anyway, most days I really do try to read all of them, although sometimes it proves impossible. But anyway, thank you all again for saying such kind things about Garden State. The film will continue to expand this weekend onto more screens. Check out www.moviefone.com to find out how close it is to you now.

Also, check out this article in the New York Daily News.

It's crazy. Our little blog is so big time now. I feel like I should talk about important things, but fuck it - I'd rather talk about Manatees boning.

On a serious note though: I wanted to address something VERY important. Garden State is not a movie that condemns taking medication for psychiatric reasons. Please do not interpret what I wrote to mean that life is better spent without medicine. I have seen countless friends and loved ones have their lives changed and sometimes saved with the aid of antidepressants and the like. Garden State focuses on a character that was incorrectly prescribed some very serious medication at a young age and never had the opportunity to find a way or reason to come off them. He also quits cold turkey which is something you should NEVER do! I completely support medicine when it's needed. And in total honesty, this is not some paragraph I was asked to write by lawyers, I felt I needed to be totally clear with many of you who've shared some very personal things.

What Garden State's really about is how short life is. And how we get caught up in so many entanglements and insecurities and worries and obsessions and trivial arguments while life races right by us shaking it's head at how seriously we take ourselves. Keep in mind that the sun's gonna burn out in about a million years and truly nothing will have mattered.

This is all summed up way better than I could express it in two amazing ways:

The Colin Hay song, "Waiting For My Real Life to Begin". (Which is an amazing song and you should find it - www.colinhay.com)


The T.S. Eliot poem, "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock". Read it a couple of times, it's truly beautiful.

Not sure what else to talk about today. My tv show Scrubs premieres on Tuesday night, so that's pretty cool. Oh, on that note. This is a Garden State blog, but I feel I must address this question since it is the most asked question in my life:

Why didn't they just kill Gilligan?

No, not that. THE SCRUBS DVD?????? When is the Scrubs DVD coming out?

The answer... please spread the word and tell anyone who cares... is that Touchstone TV wants to wait until they sell the syndication rights to the show before they release the DVDs. As soon as that happens they will come out. Hopefully that will happen this season. Thanks for being patient. I know it's weird to watch everything else that's ever been on TV come out like:

ALF - puppet or prophet.

Screech - his story.

Land of the Lost - searching for Sleestacks.

I'd like to make a series of videos like "Girls Gone Wild", but it's called "Girls Gone Crazy". On my show girls don't flash their chests, they're quite literally Girls who've Gone Crazy. We see video of them stabbing each other with pens, urinating on cars, calling mailboxes "Lucifer" and other fun stuff like that.

Now for some answers to common questions:

Like a bear.

Peace and, oh why the hell not, love as well,

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August 22, 2004

When a Man loves a Manatee

Dear Friends,
Good afternoon,
It's a beautiful Sunday here in Los Angeles; the trees are waving in the wind, the sun is beaming and the smog tastes almost fruity in my lungs. Thank you all so much for all your kind words and for going to see "Garden State" this weekend. It's truly unbelievable how many people are going to see the film and also how many people are now posting on this blog.

Now to answer some common questions:

Who is Pat Crafty?
Some of you seem confused by the series "He's Crafty" in the Making Of section. On a typical movie set you spend a month or two getting to know a whole lot of really interesting people. Pat was in charge of "Craft Service" on our set. That's essentially things like snacks, coffee etc. Anyway, he always made me laugh with his insights and eccentric personality. He's a very nice guy and funny as hell. When I found out that our documentary crew had filmed quite a bit of him, I asked the web guys to turn it into a weekly series on the site. He has nothing to do with the movie, and yet everything to do with the movie. Meeting people like Pat Crafty is one of the great bonuses of shooting a movie.

Was there ever a different ending? (DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FILM: NOT A SPOILER, BUT STILL)
Please don't start posting SPOILERS in response to this. But without giving anything away, I will tell you that there was never a different ending. This was the ending I wrote. Several of you have posted very incorrect rumors. It's too the point that I had to mention something because the posts were like: "Zach, why did you end up deciding to have Large not bone the Manatee?" "Zach, in the original script, when Large deflowered the entire force of Robot Warriors, is it true that he got electrocuted when he tried to wash their leader?"

I discussed altering the ending with the studio, but then stuck with my gut. They were completely supportive of my decision and gave me final cut on the film; which for a first time filmmaker is very cool. I cut a couple scenes of Ian Holms' character out at the end, because I felt like they distracted from the love story between Sam and Large at that point in the film. I also added that fancy, motion control shot on the plane at the end of the film after Sundance because I was able to convince the studio to pay for it; we couldn't have afforded that shot on our budget.

Not sure when the DVD is coming out, but we've already done all the commentaries. There's one track with me and Nat, and another with myself, the cinematographer, Larry Sher, my editor, Myron Kerstein, and my production designer, Judy Becker. There's also tons of deleted scenes and bloopers. It's gonna be a really cool DVD.

International Release?
Yes my foreign friends. "Garden State" is going international via a little company called Miramax. In fact, I'm gonna be on tour with the film in England from October 23rd to 26th. Then either France and/or Germany from October 27th to the 29th. Then in Australia from November 21st through the 28th. Then in Mexico and some other cities in South America from November 29th through 12/3. So the plans for international release have officially begun.

Individual Questions:
Many of you have been asking me individual questions regarding your own lives. I can't possible reply to them all, so I just picked a sampling, and posted replies. You'll know who you are...

To Sarah: Seltzer should get that out.
To Amelia: Oh no he didn't!
To Gary: Try ointment.
To Bruce: Be careful, sometimes they nibble and it tickles, but I've seen them bite.
To Karen: They like partial sun and lot's of water
To Cecilia: As far as I know, there's no noogett in Skittles.
To Lester: Uncuff him and call the police.
To Tammy: If you wanna know where he's been grazing, just smell his hooves.
To Jermaine: Jermaine, just be the bigger man and apologize to Tito.

Enjoy your day. This is the only 8/22/04 you'll ever see.

Peace, oh and also love,

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August 17, 2004

Dove Latte

Okay. It's time to post. Sorry I've been away for a couple of days. Filming on Scrubs has kept me quite busy these last couple 'o days.

First of all, I cannot believe how many of you are responding to this blog. Second, I can't believe how many of you are responding to the film. Our little baby Garden State is blowing up. It makes me very proud to tell you, that due to the overwhelming response to the movie, Fox Searchlight plans to open the film up on over 600 screens this coming weekend!! That's crazy for this little movie. I just am so thrilled that so many of you are connecting to the story. First and foremost I always hoped people would have a good laugh and hopefully empathize with the characters. But the fact that so many of you are relating to the themes and subject matter is so comforting to me, because for many years when I was feeling all these feelings, I felt incredibly alone; I couldn't find many people who were "in it"... going through the mental puberty that your twenties can be. - (Or any time of your life that involves feeling long overdue for the next chapter of your life to begin.)

When I wrote Garden State, I was completely depressed, waiting tables and lonesome as I've ever been in my life. The script was a way for me to articulate what I was feeling; alone, isolated, "a dime a dozen" and homesick for a place that didn't even exist. I guess one of the cool things about the success of Garden State is that those of you out there who are "in it" and feeling all these things, can take comfort in the fact that there are so many people commenting on this blog (including me) that can relate. And as lonely as you ever feel, you are not alone.

Sorry I'm so serious tonight; I'm mad, crazy tired. I don't even have the energy to try and be funny, so I won't.

Now onto Women's Beach Volleyball:
How come no one has told me about this sport before?! This is amazing! I'm not very into sports, but this is a sport I could get into. I mean like I would tailgate and shit. I would make signs on poster board and buy a giant foam hand for this sport. Don't tell NBC, let's just keep it between us, but: These women aren't wearing any clothes! And as if that wasn't enough, they added cheerleaders! It's like watching Olympic Pole Dancing. I kept feeling like I should be feeding singles into my cable box. Forget all that color commentary for other events; the fact that some dude who dances with a balloon and some ribbon overcame his allergies to balloons and ribbon to be able to compete isn't nearly as interesting to me. If I were in charge of the Olympics, there'd actually be more than eleven people at each event. First things first:

Where is the ski and shoot guns event? That puts asses in seats! Furthermore, I'd add weaponry to more events. This is what the people want. I must write the commission tomorrow. A quick list of my ideas:

Synchronized diving -> hedge clippers
balloon-ribbon thing -> scissors
pole vaulting -> luke warm tar

Also, many of you have commented that I seem like a normal, down to Earth guy. This is true. But it got me thinking of ways that I could become more of a Hollywood dickhead: Starting tomorrow, I will only drink milk from Doves. If it turns out to be true (as some have said) that Doves do not indeed produce milk, then I will move onto Eagle Milk. But not before we get to the bottom of this whole Doves pretending they don't produce milk thing.

Peace and oh yes, love as well.

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August 13, 2004

G is for Gay Governor

First a movie about the state, now a Gay Governor... what's next- the World's Fair?

What an exciting time to be from New Jersey. Why's he quitting? Hell even Marion Barry hung in as Mayor of D.C. after he got caught taking a sip of the crack rock. A gay affair is nothing. When I was president of my elementary school student council I once purposely peed outside the urinal as an act of civil disobedience for being scolded for sniffing fruit scented markers. What did they expect? They were fruit scented! If you don't want kids to sniff markers, make them smell like ass, not grapes.

It's a big day for Garden State. Today we open on more than a hundred screens across the country. So if all goes according to plan we'll be joined by thousands more people on our little site. So before we expand, I thought I'd take a chance to thank every single one of you who's been reading this since day one. I'd like to list all your names, but it would take too long. So I will summarize by thanking all the men as Barry and all the woman as Chantelle. Thank you Barry and Chantelle; you've made a real difference in the expansion of Garden State.

Some of you have been asking about the rating. Just so you all know, your government doesn't believe a 16 year old should hear the word "fuck" more than twice in a 2 hour period. The second you say "fuck" twice in a movie your film becomes "R". No exceptions. Pretty crazy, huh? You can blow someone's head off, but 2 fucks makes you unwatchable for someone under 17. Unless they have their parent there to explain it to them. "Mom, I understood the first use of the word fuck, but what's with the second - give me guidance please. I've heard one fuck before, but ever since I heard the second one I've had this insatiable desire to rob a liquor store and refer to all women as "ho's".

Anyway, that's why the movie's R. There is a brief shot of a breast - not mine don't get all excited - but it's because of the "one fuck" rule.

PLEASE: I must beg you once again not to post spoilers in your comments. It's unfair to people who haven't seen the movie. There's plenty of places on the web for that, but I'd like to keep them off the blog. Some people write, ***POSSIBLE SPOILER*** I know you said not to write spoilers, but I don't think it's a spoiler to say_____. Well it almost always is. It's the equivalent of writing about the "Crying
Game": ***POSSIBLE SPOILER*** She has a dick.

Welcome to all you new friends.
Enjoy this beautiful Friday the 13th.
Peace and also love,

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August 10, 2004

Free Gas

Dear Friends of Garden State,

Hello. Or as Borat on Ali G says, "Yegshmesh."

I hope you're all having a magnificent Tuesday, wherever you are on the planet. I got out of work early today so I'm a little chipper. Lately I've been writing to you guys when I'm exhausted from work and barely awake. Couple o' things:

The soundtrack is out. Many of you have been writing to me that it was sold out at stores today. I think everyone (the label, the studio, the stores, myself) underestimated how many of you would be interested in buying the soundtrack. We thought we'd sell a few, but we never imagined it would achieve full Cabbage Patch Kid lunacy. But fear not, they are quickly making more. Please don't tackle old ladies in the record store for them. Especially since old ladies aren't trying to buy the soundtrack and if you're tackling them it's for no apparent reason. They're probably just on their way to the Yanni aisle. Is their a Yanni aisle? If not, there should be; (note to self: build "Yanni aisle" in house.)

Responding personally: Many of you ask me to e-mail you personally.
Please don't think I'm being a dick if I don't. I couldn't possibly e-mail everyone. That's what's so cool about this blog; it enables me to talk to all of you at once. But if I began to write to everyone individually, I'd never have time to wash myself. It's not that I fear that we'll get close, have an affair and then you'll freak out and boil my rabbit on the stove. I don't even have a rabbit, or a pot big enough to boil one in. I do have a stove; but no rabbit and no pot...
irrelevant. Can't do it... rabbit or not.

Gas money: Some of you have asked me to reimburse you for the gas money you spent driving so far to see the film. This I can do. I have made an arrangement with every gas station in the country. (Except the Shell's in Raleigh; those guys bargain hard.) All you have to do is tell them that Zach Braff said you could have free gas to drive to see Garden State. If they look at you like, "What the fuck are you talking about?"
Don't worry, that's just the code. That look is just so other customers won't try and get free gas to drive to see other movies. (The director of "Maria Full of Grace" tried to get a similar deal for his audience, but when he tried to negotiate a bag of chips as well, he pissed them off. ) Once you've gotten the look, you are free to take all the gas you need. Air is also free... again except at the Shell's in Raleigh.

Peace and also love,

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August 9, 2004

Mother Mary Snow Globe

I'm sitting in the fake gift shop on the set of Scrubs [which does indeed sell Mother Mary Snow Globes] and I thought I'd take a second to say hello.

So many new people have been checking out the site after this last weekend's expansion. I can't thank you guys enough for all the amazing comments you've been posting. I am so amazed at how many of you have been so deeply affected by the film. It makes all of us who worked so hard on it for so long feel incredibly lucky that we had the chance to pull it off.
There's a new episode of "Pat Crafty" up on the Making Of section of the site. So check it out if you get a chance.
Talk to you soon,

PS: hilarious Ali G last night. The man's a genius.

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August 5, 2004

Quick Post

Sorry for the quick post. But I'm on set with my Blackberry, so I thought I'd answer a very oft asked question: Is there new music I can recommend in addition to what's on the soundtrack?

Here are my 3 favorite new artists and their web sites:

Joshua Radin

Cary Brothers

Gavin DeGraw

I'm very proud to call all 3 of them my friends. I think they're gonna be huge once the world discovers them. So go check out their sites if you get a chance.

Friday is a big day; the films first major expansion to new cities. I hope you all enjoy...


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August 4, 2004

Zoom Golly, Golly

Hello All,

Wow. You people are beyond kind. I'm completely shocked by the outpouring of support and love for "Garden State". It's midnight here in LA and I just got home from work, but I had to post something; some kind of response to say that in my wildest daydreams I never imagined so many people would be responding like they are to my first film. It makes me so inspired to write more and do it again. I feel so lucky to have this blog; it feels like I have direct contact with the film's audience every single day. It's a very unique experience for me and I'm so glad I listened to the web guys when they said that people would actually be interested in reading my posts.

Today was the second day of Scrubs. I shot my first scene with Heather Graham. Without giving anything away, it involved me being sopping wet and close to naked. Sort of an odd way to meet someone and get to know them. But that's what makes Scrubs fun, everyday I show up I have no idea what kind of bizarre thing is gonna happen. Tomorrow we're blowing up a car. Now that's a good day job.

Oh yeah, once again: Please, please, please don't put SPOILERS in your comments back to me. I really don't want anyone who's reading this who hasn't seen the film to have any part of it ruined for them. Thanks.

Oh yeah, (2): I'm trying to read all your comments and I'm doing a pretty good job at getting to them all; so all of you (and there's many) that begin your comments with "I know you're not reading this, but..." That's a little like driving alongside a marathon runner and being like, "You're never gonna make it. You look tired. Come back to my house and nap on my satin chaise."

Check out the first installment of "Pat Crafty" in the Making Of GS section on the site.

Sleep well all you people who say nice things and make me feel like I've actually done something meaningful and make me happy to have taken the risk even though I waited on tables and people were mean to me and I had to sometimes do awful things when I worked as a PA on music videos like mop up vomit.


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