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August 17, 2004

Dove Latte

Okay. It's time to post. Sorry I've been away for a couple of days. Filming on Scrubs has kept me quite busy these last couple 'o days.

First of all, I cannot believe how many of you are responding to this blog. Second, I can't believe how many of you are responding to the film. Our little baby Garden State is blowing up. It makes me very proud to tell you, that due to the overwhelming response to the movie, Fox Searchlight plans to open the film up on over 600 screens this coming weekend!! That's crazy for this little movie. I just am so thrilled that so many of you are connecting to the story. First and foremost I always hoped people would have a good laugh and hopefully empathize with the characters. But the fact that so many of you are relating to the themes and subject matter is so comforting to me, because for many years when I was feeling all these feelings, I felt incredibly alone; I couldn't find many people who were "in it"... going through the mental puberty that your twenties can be. - (Or any time of your life that involves feeling long overdue for the next chapter of your life to begin.)

When I wrote Garden State, I was completely depressed, waiting tables and lonesome as I've ever been in my life. The script was a way for me to articulate what I was feeling; alone, isolated, "a dime a dozen" and homesick for a place that didn't even exist. I guess one of the cool things about the success of Garden State is that those of you out there who are "in it" and feeling all these things, can take comfort in the fact that there are so many people commenting on this blog (including me) that can relate. And as lonely as you ever feel, you are not alone.

Sorry I'm so serious tonight; I'm mad, crazy tired. I don't even have the energy to try and be funny, so I won't.

Now onto Women's Beach Volleyball:
How come no one has told me about this sport before?! This is amazing! I'm not very into sports, but this is a sport I could get into. I mean like I would tailgate and shit. I would make signs on poster board and buy a giant foam hand for this sport. Don't tell NBC, let's just keep it between us, but: These women aren't wearing any clothes! And as if that wasn't enough, they added cheerleaders! It's like watching Olympic Pole Dancing. I kept feeling like I should be feeding singles into my cable box. Forget all that color commentary for other events; the fact that some dude who dances with a balloon and some ribbon overcame his allergies to balloons and ribbon to be able to compete isn't nearly as interesting to me. If I were in charge of the Olympics, there'd actually be more than eleven people at each event. First things first:

Where is the ski and shoot guns event? That puts asses in seats! Furthermore, I'd add weaponry to more events. This is what the people want. I must write the commission tomorrow. A quick list of my ideas:

Synchronized diving -> hedge clippers
balloon-ribbon thing -> scissors
pole vaulting -> luke warm tar

Also, many of you have commented that I seem like a normal, down to Earth guy. This is true. But it got me thinking of ways that I could become more of a Hollywood dickhead: Starting tomorrow, I will only drink milk from Doves. If it turns out to be true (as some have said) that Doves do not indeed produce milk, then I will move onto Eagle Milk. But not before we get to the bottom of this whole Doves pretending they don't produce milk thing.

Peace and oh yes, love as well.

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i left this movie less than an hour ago...i enterted the theater alone, bummed out, and tired...i wanted to entertain myself after a terribly long day...i left with the biggest smile on my face...

this film made me feel intinite...if youve read "the perks of being a wallflower" you know what i mean (and if you dont know what i mean, i suggest reading it)...

thank you zach and everyone else that helped to make this film what it was...perfection...so many people can relate to this movie on so many levels....its really a piece of art...thanks

Posted by: megan | Aug 17, 2004 10:47:31 PM

Your post is showing up twice. Since your movie had done so well and you have more planned, would you ever leave Scrubs to persue more movies?

Posted by: Justin | Aug 17, 2004 10:48:58 PM

I love you, Zach Braff!

Posted by: Claire | Aug 17, 2004 10:50:06 PM

that post was absolutely hilarious... i'm a heterosexual girl and found myself feeling slightly different about women's beach volleyball so i totally agreee. However, the Romanian men's gymnastics team happens to be my olympic delight of choice.

i saw the movie for a second time and it just gets better. its so amazing. i feel like a loser cause as soon as "let go" starts up i start crying... my cousin laughed at me but she LOVED the movie and is buying the soundtrack as soon as she can find it...

well i just wanted to thank you again for making this movie. my friend and i are planning on collabrating on a film after graduation and its largely (no pun intended?) do to your movie.

take care! cant wait for scrubs!

Posted by: lindsay | Aug 17, 2004 10:50:39 PM

Haven't seen the movie yet...but i will when it gets here...

"Olympic Pole Dancing"...lol ... thats some funny shit...

Posted by: aaron | Aug 17, 2004 10:50:43 PM

Honestly I'm just posting because I can. In fact I might be one of the very few people who actually knew that this blog entry was one of the double posts. Unfortunately one of the twins had been eliminated. Consider women with one breast like the one in that Kung Pow movie. Anyways keep up the great work ZB and make more movies! I'm sure you movie will do very well at the indie spirit awards (i'm already betting on it), maybe even start a campaign for some Oscar nominations! Until next time.

Posted by: Antony | Aug 17, 2004 10:52:10 PM

I have seen the movie twice already, first I drove to two hours and then my friend and I realized that it came out the next day in our home town. So I just went to see it again today, and for some reason I cried this time. This movie and its themes speak to me in a way that I don't think that I have experienced before.

Though the characters are so animated I believe that I know very humourous characters myself, with all the quirks that would entail for the makes of my own movie. And it has been a wonderful experience for me.

Posted by: Kelly | Aug 17, 2004 10:56:31 PM

I'm pretty sure synchronized diving is already an event...I could be wrong, but they have something close...

Saw the movie for the second time yesterday and still loved it. Friends and I all love the soundtrack. It really is very 20-something as all of us already loved Coldplay, Remy Zero, and Zero 7. Hmmm...lots of Zeros there...

Played Bingo at a Reservation right now and didn't win and now I smell like cigarettes, which is not cool in my opinion. But you are, so thats ok...

Can't wait for more from ZB...Scrubs starts the "Tuesday after the Olympics"! I think its weird that they're advertising it like that. What the hell day is that? I don't know when the Olympics is over. But quite frankly I hope its soon because its hella boring to watch people swim in a straight line. Scrubs is way more entertaining. And Law & Order SVU...An hour and a half of awesomeness...

Okay enough late night rambling...

I'm off like a dirty shirt- Erica

Posted by: Erica Naess | Aug 17, 2004 10:56:48 PM

;) 'Manhattan Murder Mystery' a favorite? :)

I'm glad you created this film; something good came out of lonliness! (?)
Were you waiting tables in NYC or LA? Did you work with Jackie Hoffman before your film?

Posted by: Kimberly | Aug 17, 2004 10:56:59 PM

Hey Zach. I was FINALLY able to attend a screening of your, yes your, movie tonight. There was so much hype around it, mostly from my own anticipation, that I honestly did not know what to expect when I sat down in the theater. I was extremely satisfied. The movie just touched on so many different aspects of life, as well as life after death. I love films that keep you thinking after they are over, or even force you to contemplate your own life in one way or another. Your movie did just that, so I thank you.

I myself, if you cannot tell, am a movie fan, and attempted writing as well. Any tips you could give to an amateur writer would be much appreciated.

And one last thing...when I was so engaged in the film, the one line you said by the fire...about how your life has basically been ruled by a single piece of plastic? How did that exactly go? I just thought that lined summed up a whole lot. Thank you again.

Posted by: Jon | Aug 17, 2004 10:59:26 PM

Hahaha, that was damn funny, my boy! And I thought you weren't going to try to be funny, seems like you can't help it. Anyways, I'd like to say that I've seen your movie like a kajillion times because the theater I work at received a print (Farmingdale 10) and I'm in there, watching, all the time. Too bad I gotta leave that job to go to college. But then again, I'd probably lose it because instead of working, I'd be watching your awesome movie. BTW, awesome soundtrack. YOU ROCK!
P.S. You used the wrong "do". It's supposed to be "due." I know you were tired, I understand.

Posted by: Manny | Aug 17, 2004 11:00:02 PM

once again, kudos on your movie. i can't wait for it to come out in those extra theatres, so maybe it'll be even closer to me and my school!!! i've gotten my friends excited about it too back home.
scrubs is also something i look forward too. it is by far my favorite show. keep up the good work!

Posted by: becky | Aug 17, 2004 11:00:55 PM


I got to see your movie in dallas on friday and it was amazing. I had to go back on monday to take my little sister to see it before I leave for school and it was even better the second time around. It was definitely worth the drive (i live 35 miles north of dallas and traffic can be a bitch)
anyway, i love reading your blog, I've used parts of it in my instant messanger profile and everyone thinks you're hilarious.
keep writing. and whenever you find a new, amazing band to listen to let me know!

your #1 fan (in the non-stalker sense)

Posted by: Jenny | Aug 17, 2004 11:01:12 PM

okay, i'm totally taking myself on a date to see this movie tomorrow. it sounds super!

in other news, i'm a girl that likes boys, but i have to agree with the whole "beach volleyball" thing. dang those ladies look nice in their little bikinis!!!!

Posted by: sam | Aug 17, 2004 11:01:15 PM

Yes, I too did see the double posts, but in fairness I'm seeing a lot of double tonight. It's strange, no matter how old you get, beer pong never gets old.

I think we all feel that sense of being alone at one point in our lives; it's not subjective of age. I appreciate that the film examines, in an honest way, the value of the idea of home - that connection between who we are and who we thought we could be. I drove from Syracuse, NY to New York City to see the film (unfortunately before I knew about free gas), and I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

I have to admit, though, luke warm tar has a much wider appeal than hot tar - it calls to those more inclined to mediocre as opposed to outright human suffering. I won’t ask you to e-mail me personally, although it would be cool . Best.

Posted by: Nick | Aug 17, 2004 11:02:05 PM

Hey Zach! You have written such a wonderful movie. It instantly became one of my all-time favorite movies. I've been trying to get all my friends to go see it.

As for the Olympics, the skiing and shooting event is in in the winter Olympics. I'd personally like to see some event along the lines of people shooting the synchronized divers, that would be cool. (In the meantime, root for New Jersey-native shooter Matt Emmons)

Best of luck for continued success!

Posted by: Christine | Aug 17, 2004 11:03:38 PM

sorry to comment again...and not to brag...but i just realized i am one of the luckiest people on hte face of the planet...the movie theater that is across the street from my apartment (literally a 2 minute walk) is playing the movie...some people are driving hours to see it and i just had to skip over there...yay fo the university town center in Irvine, Ca

Posted by: meg | Aug 17, 2004 11:04:52 PM

Seen all those movies but "Safe," I was just wondering, I heard somewhere you used Simon and Garfunkel songs in the movie, which ones did you use?

Posted by: Hafaball | Aug 17, 2004 11:04:54 PM

I've been a big fan of Scrubs for years, and have been border line obsessed with Zach Braff(you) as well, cause he's(you're) dreamy!
I finally saw Garden State this weekend while I was on vacation in Philadelphia...yes I vacationed in Philly. Garden State was perfect. I tend to be a movie snob, and had created huge expectations in my head of what Garden State would be. The movie met and exceeded all my hopes. From the soundtrack to the cinematography...everything was awesome. I took 3 friends with me who hadn't heard of the movie yet, and they all three thanked me for taking them to see Garden State. We were all "in it" for quite a while after seeing the movie. The rest of the evening we spent discussing the movie, and myriad topics branching from the subject matter. Thanks so much for making this movie! It is truely incredible!
Oh, and Zach, please marry me... :)

Posted by: Caroline | Aug 17, 2004 11:05:02 PM

yes, synchronized diving exists, believe it or not. the reason I know this: some boys from texas screwed up big time yesterday in this event and someone cared enough to report about it on the news.
i think i might love you, zach.
that is all.

Posted by: k | Aug 17, 2004 11:06:29 PM

I saw the movie last night. I'm glad to hear that you wrote it - not to be "artsy" or "cool" - but because it came out of you and you wanted to bring it into being.

I'd sound fake and weird if I said "I loved it!" and "I totally identified and it moved me" - oh, wait, I have said those things and I guess I do sound fake. But trust me that I'm not.

Thanks for making mental issues not sound crazy.


Oh yeah... if you haven't seen "The Imposters", you should.

Posted by: Dev | Aug 17, 2004 11:06:52 PM

i met one of the writters for scrubs once. i forget his name i will call him... lou? but that is not it at all. this is what i know he is tall skinny dark hair and eyes, went to columbia and was the ex roomate of the man man who's children i was babysitting for in new york. his name isnt even sort of lou.. anyway.. he was a little of center definatly did not listen to what i was saying just waiting for his turn to talk, but he was funny, in a very LA linen pants kind of way. cut to me two years later writting to a "blog" about my obscure meeting with the writter for scrubs.. i ordred the soundtrack today, but i am not going to get it because i am moving on saturday and i forgot to put my new adress, it will sure to be caught ina post man snafoo. ps doves lay eggs things that hatch do not suckle from thy tit, but you are witty that is working for you. i have raging insomnia, due mostly to my addiction to late night infomercials my favorite is for miracle spring water. also i keep drinking this damn tea, but i lost the infuser so i have to drain it through a sock. albeit an argyle one. i was thinking about all of those bullshit gen x movies that attempted potray a quater life crisis. reality bites i such crap. all of that flanel tainted our minds. your empathy makes you beautiful.

Posted by: sam | Aug 17, 2004 11:09:01 PM

Why is my life never going to be fulfilled until I see this movie? Why on earth do I have to rely on a painful commute to get to a theatre to watch it. I'll do it soon enough.

What's with the people that respond to this blog and their admiration for exclamation points?

By the way, good job picking out the soundtrack. My respect for you has gone up a significant amount. The best songs to chase a bottle of jack daniels with. [In a good way]

Posted by: angie c. | Aug 17, 2004 11:11:30 PM

Dude, you're the man, not much else to say. And not "The Man" like Nixon and the CIA and whatnot, more like "the man" as in Peter Griffin, Ali G, etc... I don't think I'm alone in saying that if you write another film, I'll be there faster than you can say "booyakasha". Anyway I'm toying with the idea of aGarden State tattoo. Maybe Sam, Large and Mark on the construction equipment screaming their Jersey hearts out.. or the Ark maybe? Any suggestions?

Posted by: Dan Zarchy | Aug 17, 2004 11:12:28 PM

hey, excellent dvd recomendations..i must say though that i have heard you really like harold and maude, so why not make it a dvd must. i believe that everyone in the world should see that movie and i was hopeing you would give it a plug. well i would just like to say one more time, thank YOU for making garden state....i believe it to be the next harold and maude.

Posted by: kelleen | Aug 17, 2004 11:13:07 PM