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July 15, 2004

Saint Diego

Ah beautiful Diego. Whoever he was I'll bet he was really sunny and hung out with skinny blonde surfer chicks. This place is paradise. I think the entire country should just pick up and move here. It might be a little crowded, but it’s so perfect here that maybe it would chill everyone out and we could all learn to surf and deal with the population problem by taking turns sleeping and not getting freaked out if a stranger needed to sit on your lap at dinner.

They showed "Hidalgo" on the plane ride here. I didn't have earphones and I kept dozing in and out, but as far as I can tell it’s a love story between a man and a horse. Since their love is forbidden, they travel the Earth looking for a community that will tolerate their desire to snuggle and receive lower insurance premiums. They work days in a circus and other times they tickle each other till they fall asleep in a tent. Often they bicker because Hidalgo {the horse} feels like he shouldn't be paying rent in his stable since he practically stays over the Lord of the Rings' guys tent every night. And he feels like he's just throwing money out the window because of somebody’s fear of commitment. Eventually the get tired and morph into the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond.

It was good, but slow in parts.

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if you get this before leaving san diego, i got the perfect place for you to eat dinner. it will have a view of the sunset and they make a pretty damn good long beach ice tea..

Posted by: ryan | Jul 15, 2004 9:47:30 AM

The only problem I have with San Diego lies in the sheer number of Crystal Meth addicts present. My sister flipped one off once and he chased her in a furious bicycle tour de force all the way to the bus depot. I can laugh about it now but at the time it gave me a terrible stomachache.

Posted by: Suzette | Jul 15, 2004 9:53:14 AM

So that's what "Hidalgo" was about! Zach, that new "Garden State" trailer is gorgeous and inspiring. Just perfect. What can't it be August 6th already?!

Posted by: Brian Feldman | Jul 15, 2004 9:53:20 AM

Ah, a creepy love story about a boy and his horse... I think 'Equus' already covered it in the '70's.

Posted by: Tammy D | Jul 15, 2004 9:55:21 AM

yep i can't spell hidalgo.
yay, i got my Garden State poster today. i took down my Lost in Translation poster and put the Garden State poster in it's place. hurray it's thursday. all right. yeaAAH!!

Posted by: Robert A | Jul 15, 2004 9:59:50 AM

oh you crazy Zach Braff :rolf: :D

anyway, emmy Nominations today and I see that you guys got f*cked again :(

I was hoping you would get nominated instead of Will & Grace, and that Dr Cox, Dr Kelso and The Janitor would all get supporting actor nominations too :(


Posted by: Hakeem | Jul 15, 2004 10:03:33 AM

Wierd take on Hidalgo...interesting

Posted by: Liz | Jul 15, 2004 10:03:44 AM

Oh man, that is too funny. I want to surf. I'm sure its a somewhat easily acquired skill...just a couple broken tibias, fibias, and clavicles, but what isn't, right.

Posted by: Dan G | Jul 15, 2004 10:10:27 AM

Yes, well, those of us lucky enough to grow up in San Diego remember what it was like in the good old days. Playing with unexploded ordinance in the canyons. No parking meters at the beaches. Downtown was the place you went to buy army surplus jackets and Hustler magazines instead of scented candles and Hustler t-shirts. The stadium was named after a sportswriter instead of a telecommunications behemoth. We were "America's Finest City" instead of "A City Worthy of Our Affection" like our ego got kicked in the nuts.

While you're down here make sure you check out the new ballpark downtown, there's a park past the outfield that's open to the public on off days.

And yes, we're going to kidnap you and take you to a karaoke bar and force you to sing the Master G verses.


Posted by: zach2 | Jul 15, 2004 10:11:28 AM

hi Zach, I just wanted to let you know that I've been absolutely inspired by the little of what I've seen so far of Garden State. The Sundance Anatomy of a Scene was great.
I'm a photographer, but I'm also studying to become a cinematographer in Chicago at Columbia College. I'm also working on some screenplays for my own experimental shorts. Thank you so much for giving us quality cinema to look forward to, as ridiculously cheesy as that sounds.

Posted by: Erin Paulson | Jul 15, 2004 10:15:35 AM

Hey Zach,

I've been following the movie since those first early rumblings in 2002, and it's been really great in recent months to see the successes you and the film have been enjoying since Sundance. I'm greatly anticipating getting to see it, although living in New Zealand means I'll probably have to wait a bit longer yet. I've got a couple of questions if by chance you're able to answer any.

I read somewhere that you'd written the bulk (if not all) of the screenplay before you started on 'Scrubs,' but did working on the show influence the tone of the film at all?

Following your experiences working on the film, would you again take the lead role in a movie you were directing? Did the duality of your position present any challenges beyond the "normal" ones experienced when making a film?

Any chance of that 25-minute short ('Lionel on a Sun Day', right?) having further festival releases, or maybe having a spot on the 'Garden State' DVD?

As you got to share the screen with one of the greatest screen icons of our time when appearing in 'A Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie', a veritable luminary of cinema, I must ask: Is Miss Piggy as generous a co-star as everyone says?

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie when it approaches my neck of the woods (hopefully not too far in the future), and looking forward to 'Andrew Henry's Meadow,' 'Chicken Little,' and '8 Track' (getting ideas for that from the skinny blonde surfer chicks?). Good luck with the Emmy noms, too. Drop by the Scrubs-TV.com official site messageboard sometime!

Posted by: Aragorn | Jul 15, 2004 10:16:33 AM

Hey Zach- I look very forward to seeing your movie. Luckily for me, I'm moving to northern virginia August 7th....so I'll be close enough to D.C. that I can check it out!
Good luck with all your future endeavors!

Posted by: heather | Jul 15, 2004 10:20:33 AM

This Blog is awesome. Thank you Zach for not being like other dumb directors or filmmakers who don't care about their fans...it makes all the difference.

Posted by: Brandon | Jul 15, 2004 10:32:55 AM

Best of luck to you with the film! The trailers are beautiful, and it's certain we'll all be reading about you for so many years to come.

Hidalgo sounds kinky-is that the one with Ron Jeremy?

Posted by: Amy | Jul 15, 2004 10:32:58 AM

yah zack... I saw hidalgo on a plane too and had the earphones on... I think you did it the right way by just makin the stuff up

what you got out of it was ALOT better than what I did

Posted by: Clay | Jul 15, 2004 10:45:15 AM

Zach, can't say I've seen HIDALGO (even though I'm a movie critic and was definitely obligated to...woops), but I'm a close personal friend of Saint Diego's and I know he's not too happy about his name being smeared as meaning "whale's vagina" recently.

I think I'm seeing a press screening of GARDEN STATE in about two weeks here, and can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to seeing it, if only so I can say in my review what I've been wanting to say about you for so long since first seeing you on SCRUBS three years ago--that you're a complete ass....

Had you there for a second, didn't I? No, really, I swore to my parents (who I've since gotten into SCRUBS) that your TV show is the best thing to happen to TV since the damn thing was invented, and I can't wait for either Season 4 of SCRUBS or my screening of GARDEN STATE. Being a critic and all...I'm not SUPPOSED to be biased, and I guess I'm really not--I just know great talent when I see it, and yours definitely applies.

Hopefully see you one day out in the LA--or the whale's vagina, whichever--where I pray I'll be in a few years after college making a living. Keep up the great work; I know you will.

Posted by: John | Jul 15, 2004 10:51:34 AM

PS--thank GOD you guys got nominated in 2 categories today...CONGRATULATIONS!

Posted by: John | Jul 15, 2004 10:53:52 AM

Well, I guess you take the good with the bad-- good San Diego, bad movie. I was waiting for Elijah Wood to come out at one point and show up with one of the rings and make it somewhat entertaining.I can't wait to see "Garden State" in Philly. WOW,that sounds weird. Anyway, Zach you rock and can't wait for your next blog.

Posted by: Irene Myers | Jul 15, 2004 10:54:39 AM

San Diego is awesome! That's why I moved out of helL.A. Hit me up if you want to go for a surf while you are in town!

Posted by: Galvin | Jul 15, 2004 10:58:42 AM

Hey Zach,
The trailers look incredible. I cant wait for this film! I read somewhere that you used New Slang in the film!? Thats awesome, such an incredible song. Is there a place to find the official track list for the soundtrack? From what Ive heard it sounds like you have stellar taste. Well I look forward to seeing your film!

Posted by: Mike Odmark | Jul 15, 2004 11:00:32 AM

i've lived in San Diego all my life and last year, pretty much my whole neighborhood moved out of state and some friends too. probably because of the cost of living, but it is paradise.

anyways... can't wait to see the movie. it looks amazing.

Posted by: Mark | Jul 15, 2004 11:00:45 AM

i can't wait to see this film, the trailer was beautiful! you are definitely an inspiration to aspiring artists and filmmakers. i love making short films, and really enjoy watching others who just started where i am now, go out and make a name for themselves and enrich the world with their talent.
best of luck to you!

Posted by: Sarah | Jul 15, 2004 11:04:08 AM

Oh I'm so happy today not only because of youre artistic look on the movie Hidalho (wink wink) but I just read (on comingsoon.net) that Romero finally is going to make his final dead movie weird enough its called land of the dead. tought twilight of the dead be more logical but who cares he's finally making it! Zach can you tell me when Garden State will be shown in Europe PLZ! greetings from belgium

Posted by: Sam from Belgium | Jul 15, 2004 11:12:50 AM

San Diego is cool, but the beach scene isn't all that it's cracked up to be. Downtown is cool - but only if you know where to go and can stay out of the tourist traps like "Gaslamp Quarter". Suggestion for a cool dive-y bar? Landlord Jim's - on Broadway and 16th, downtown. Anyway... looking forward to the movie!

Posted by: Deann | Jul 15, 2004 11:15:33 AM

Zack, Have you ever been in Mexico??

Posted by: George From Mexico | Jul 15, 2004 11:17:15 AM