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July 31, 2004

Eve's Nemesis

Today I had my first day off in a very long time. I slept in and then took my dog on a hike. I've been cooped up in hotel rooms and airplanes all summer, so I thought I'd spend my day off in nature. It was very hot and my dog was looking at me like, "You've got to be fucking kidding me; I'm not climbing that hill." Later he was so out of it, he walked right across a rattlesnake. It was crazy, I've never seen a real rattlesnake outside of a zoo. I've decided that I like them better in zoos. I'm sure they would disagree and perhaps I could debate their leader on Crossfire one day, but as far as I'm concerned rattlesnakes are much more enjoyable behind tempered glass. Anyway, I was very happy this particular one chose to not bite my dog... or sting him... rattle him? Whatever he does, I'm glad he didn't do it. I think he was too hot to care.

Monday I start Scrubs. It would be nice to have a week off, but I'm excited to start. We had a read through of the script on Friday and it was hilarious. Great to see everyone again and catch up with one another about our summers.

I can't thank you all enough for turning out in droves to see "Garden State". Theaters are selling out in both cities and people are reporting going back multiple times to see it. Thank you so much for supporting my first film. It's obviously very scary to put so much of yourself on the line; but I really believed in this project and thought there had to be other people out there who could relate to the things I was going through in my twenties. I never imagined so many people would be able to relate and that is what's so gratifying... not only as a filmmaker, but as a person who's often felt quite alone in the world, it's very comforting to know how many others can empathize.

Now a couple of answers to top questions in your comments:

Soundtrack: check Amazon. It'll be out 8/10.
Such Great Heights: In the trailer we used "The Postal Service", but in the movie I used "Iron and Wine's" cover of the song. That is what'll be on the soundtrack.
International: Fear not. The king of distribution himself, Harvey Weinstein of Miramax is distributing the film all over the world. How far depends on how it does here. You can bet it will come to major cities in Europe and Australia. As to Indonesia... not so sure. But you never know.
The Site: Keep checking in on the website itself as the web guys are going to be adding some new content. Including a series of behind the scenes vignettes with our very eccentric caterer "Pat Crafty".
Do I read this: Yes. It takes me a little while now 'cause we've grown in size a little. (a good thing) But I do read all the comments you post. Once I start Scrubs on Monday, it may be a little harder, since our schedule is non-stop, crazy. But I'm gonna try my best to keep posting.
Tootie or Natalie: Tootie. Hands-down.


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July 29, 2004

Thank You

Sorry its taken me so long to post. As you can imagine the last 24 hours have been crazy. But very exciting.

I really want to thank all of you so much for going to see the movie. Last nights turnout was amazing and if it keeps up like that over the weekend, they tell me it has a chance to expand to even more cities.

You all have been writing the nicest posts and it really makes me feel so great to read them each day. I'm so happy that this story is moving so many people in so many ways.

Sorry, I know I'm not being very funny right now, but I'm soooooooo tired and I have to get up at the crack o dawn and fly to LA.

Thank you so much for supporting my first movie. You are truly making a difference just by going to check it out.


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July 28, 2004


The big day is here. Garden State is open in NYC and LA. I'm rushing around doing all the press I can do to spread the word. Someone told me we're the number one movie being searched for on That's pretty cool! I've read most of your comments from yesterday, but still have some more to get through. I promise I'll read them as soon as I can. Tonights the big NYC premiere. I'm in a car right now on my way to record commentary for the DVD with Nat. Today of all days!

Sorry so short. But I gotta run.

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July 26, 2004

Sitting on a fountain at Madison and 56th.

Just killing time before going to do Charlie Rose. I had to get a dress shirt since all my clothes are dirty and wrinkled. Had a little bit of a Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" situation in Barneys. I walked in in a stanky t-shirt and all sweaty and it took me quite a while before I could find anyone to help me.

Amazing "Ali G" show on HBO last night... That guy is my hero.

Now I have to find somewhere to iron this new shirt. Madison avenue's not exactly dry cleaning central. Maybe Charlie's got an iron I can borrow. Hmmm.

Wednesday is the big opening in New York and LA, so if you're there please go this weekend. Sorry for the shameless plug, but the movie opens the same weekend as some Massive blockbusters that shall remain nameless.


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July 23, 2004

Lying on my bag at the Dallas airport.

When I was 17 years old I went on a 5 week trip to Israel. One of the places we visited was Eilat. In order to get to Eilat, you drive through desert so hot that you're warned not to leave the bus. I have not felt that feeling again until today in Dallas. It's 900 degrees in Dallas today... I passed a camel dry-heaving near the grassy knoll... but its a dry heat.

The architecture in this city is quite unique. I wasn't expecting the skyline to be filled with such eccentric skyscrapers.

Uh-oh weather problems in New York and a missing stewardess. I've been traveling enough lately to know I might as well get comfy on my back pack. Its probly windy and raining in New York and she's probly drunk at the news rack skimming "Modern Bride".

I've got the weekend off in Manhattan and my plan is to sleep for 48 hours. Unfortunately I think my buddies have a different plan in mind. I definitely want to try and catch "Much Ado..." in Central Park while I'm in town.

Ahh... On the plane. The guy next to me raced to his seat and quickly grabbed the Skymall magazine frantically searching for something as though the pages were programmed to disintegrate upon take-off.

He's now settled on the page that's selling what appears to be a stroller for cats. You put your cat in this cage like contraption on wheels and it enables you to take your cat on strolls and I suppose the occasional errand.

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I don't think his cat is going to like this thing too much. Certainly the cat won't show as much enthusiasm for it as he is, as he is currently jotting down the cat-stroller's info as though it were a code that could enable nuclear fusion or a recipe for Gatorade that would actually quench your thirst instead of making you more thirsty.

That poor cat. He's probably sitting comfortably next to an air conditioner in a Manhattan apartment with no clue that within 4 to 6 weeks he'll be jammed in a cage on wheels, unwillingly going to Crate and Barrel for candles.

Two hour delay on the runway... Yahtzee!!!

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July 22, 2004

Tonight on NBC

Hey everybody,
I wanted to let you all know that I'm hosting a "Scrubs-a-thon" tonight on NBC. 4 episodes of Scrubs in a row. But more importantly, I'm gonna debut the first Garden State tv commercial. I actually get to introduce it, so tune in if you can. Okay, I'm off to Dallas.

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July 21, 2004

The Morning After

It's 5:28 pm. Good Morning. What a crazy night it was last night. The premiere went really well. And I didn't go to sleep till 5:00am. I had an important meeting I had to go to at 11:30am. So I went half-asleep, then drove home, packed up my family into their rent-a-car and crashed till now. The web guys are gonna put up a link to lots of cool pictures from last night; these ones in the blog don't really do it justice. At the party after the screening, the waiters and waitresses were wearing garbage bag parkas like we are in the poster. It was very funny and random and odd. But as someone who was recently a waiter, I kinda felt bad for them. I imagined them showing up at work that day and being like, "You want me to wear what?!"

All in all it was a really fun night. I'm off to Dallas in the morning for a screening at the Magnolia theater. So those of you in Dallas, come check it out. I'll be there to answer questions after. I've never been to Texas; I'm very excited. Then off to NYC. Next week I'm doing: Charlie Rose (with Natalie), David Letterman, Carson Daly, The Today Show, and Regis and Kelly. As you can see, I'm doing everything I can to get the word out there about the film's opening on the 28th. All of you who've been writing and telling me how much you're spreading the word, I really appreciate it. It makes such a difference. You're really participating in giving Garden State a shot at surviving amidst the summer behemoths.

I hope you're all having a magnificent wednesday wherever you are on planet Earth.

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July 20, 2004

More More More

Here's some more pics from the premiere...

Donald Faison, Peter Sarsgaard and Zach

Ian Holm with Zach

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July 20, 2004


Being interviewed. By the way, I'm borrowing Zach's camera to post these shots tonight.pic0137.jpg

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July 20, 2004


Greeted Zach.pic0112.jpg

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