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July 19, 2004

Dearest Friends of Garden State

Or as I like to call you, "F.O.G.S.".

Thank you all so much for your unwavering support. I can't believe how many of you are reading this and replying. It really makes me feel good to read your comments everyday. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile; I'm in the middle of the L.A. press junket for the movie. It's very tiring. You sit in a room and different reporters ask you questions all day long. Don't get me wrong; I'm thrilled they're interested, but I'm so tired right now that I'm sleeping on the "g" key ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg. Sorry- awake.

Tomorrow is the big L.A. premiere of the movie. I think the web-guys are gonna post some pictures of it on this site tomorrow night, so keep a look out for those.

What else: my ENTIRE family is in town.... I'm sure you can all relate. I think some of the people staying in my house aren't even my relatives, they just needed a place to sleep. This one bearded guy keeps peeing in a bottle and calling everyone Lucifer's children... He claims he's a cousin.

Sleep if you can- you are lucky.

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Glad to see how commited to the movie you are, Zach. I've been pimping it out to my friends, and everyone has been responding well the to trailer and preview clips. Sarsgaard is going to be hreat, I know it.

Posted by: Benjamin Simpson | Jul 19, 2004 8:22:42 PM

Good luck with the premiere! I can't wait until it comes out in DC!

Posted by: Anna | Jul 19, 2004 8:26:14 PM

peeing in a bottle??? I thought everyone in LA could afford indoor plumbing...except probably Andy Dick who might be found peeing anywhere in the world.

My friend Kathy sent me the link to your site and I'm gonna keep a look out for new entries. Good luck with the movie!!!

Posted by: Patty | Jul 19, 2004 8:26:29 PM

Haha! Peeing in a bottle and calling everyone Lucifer's children. That's great.

Good luck with the premiere! It'll be the best thing since... squeezable peanut butter. I can't wait for it to open in theaters 'cause I'm a Jersey girl (alright, so Bennifer gave it a bad name but still) and damn proud. woot.

Posted by: Amy | Jul 19, 2004 8:40:00 PM

I just hope when it comes to Dallas it shows at the Angelika in Plano, it's new and they have leather seats. Plus I'm not allowed in the one in Dallas anymore.

Posted by: Nobody | Jul 19, 2004 8:45:59 PM

Whoa, that guy stayed at my house last week.

Posted by: Clint | Jul 19, 2004 8:48:06 PM

Zach, I envy you. You get to create movies and so what you love. I hope to one day become a sucessful director as well. I wish you good luck at the LA premier and I absolutely can not wait to see the movie. Unfortunately, it comes out Aug. 8 near me. Urg. Me and all my friends are gonna see it! Can't Wait!

Posted by: Tina | Jul 19, 2004 9:01:01 PM

You're really an inspiration, you know that? Now that I've typed that out and read it back it sounds pretty sarcastic, but I mean it whole-heartedly.

I think it's really great you've been taking the time to write in this blog. Somehow it just kind of makes the whole filmmaking experience seem more.. tangible? I mean, you're out there living it. You wrote your feature-length film, you made it, you've screened it at festivals, and now you're gearing up for the big commercial release, which I'm sure will be a huge success. You're living the dream of every aspiring filmmaker, and I just wanted to say thanks for sharing.

And good luck with all the relatives -- I definitely know how that goes.

Posted by: Jasmine | Jul 19, 2004 9:01:47 PM

Zach, Garden State looks brilliant in the trailers and such; can't wait for it to come around here!

Good luck with the premiere!

Posted by: Megan | Jul 19, 2004 9:03:30 PM

Hey Zach, we hope to watch you on TV cuz I'm sure lots of stations are covering the premiere and the junket. What was the stupidest question anybody asked? Also, does Natalie and Peter read this blog?

Posted by: The Watcher | Jul 19, 2004 9:03:34 PM

I am so excited about this movie! Thanks so much for making it! It seems up there with Eternal Sunshine & Lost In Translation. Props to you Zach...you're a genius. I started a xanga blogring for it....because after seeing the trailer I was obsessed. I wanted to spread the word.

Posted by: Angela | Jul 19, 2004 9:08:17 PM

Hey Zach, good luck at ur first premiere as a director! I'm looking out for the previews on TV. You seem like an awesomely grounded guy which i love. Good luck with all of your sucess that may follow! P.S. The trailer is hot, nice touch with the music and no talk...makes you think

Posted by: Jaime | Jul 19, 2004 9:09:42 PM

The movie looks beautifully done and the website is incredible. Brav-freaking-o on all of it.
I'm ashamed to say that I'm trembling with excitement over the release of this movie (nerd alert, but it's the highlight of my July). I hope the premiere goes well. Enjoy it all...I suspect this is the beginning of all sorts of things. All good...save for Lucifer's children...and peeing in bottles. Beyond that, it's a bright and shiny everafter.

Posted by: Laura | Jul 19, 2004 9:11:46 PM

Have a fantastic time at the Premiere! That will probably feel awesome - going to the premiere of your own movie! How cool is that, good luck and have fun, again! When the family comes over, all the family, that's a sight. And this strange man, happens all the time, it's called spontaneous relative generation...and it's only been recreated in real life large family gathering laboratory conditions. Sound hilarious...but I guess it's cool when the whole family is there...at least the ones you know, but have a fun time with them! You know something else, the music for this movie is simply fantastic. I tell you what I do...I'm a young aspiring screenwriter...so I go to the main Garden State site, and just let the music repeat in my headphones as I write..and it works!! Thanks!

Posted by: Elliott | Jul 19, 2004 9:17:08 PM

I'm so excited about seing the movie... along w/ the gazillion other people reading this. GOOD LUCK! (although, you don't really need it from what I hear)
*stops w/ the sucking up* Gratz on all the hard work. I hope it pays off tendfold. okay... really quitting.. =o)

Posted by: Brie | Jul 19, 2004 9:37:17 PM

Hi, I just wanted to add to the well-wishes! I've been looking forward to the film since I saw a preview at...Eternal Sunshine, I think it was....Anyway, I was already a SCRUBS fan, and the trailer was a pleasant surprise. Good luck with the press, get some sleep, and try not to go insane from the relatives!

Posted by: Sara | Jul 19, 2004 9:37:50 PM

I was thinking about it, and I guess it's probably hard to guage how interested the public is in your movie since you're on the inside. I know that I've been looking forward to it since I heard about it's production, and therefor my girlfriend, brother (who also likes Srubs, so he want to see it), his girlfriend ect all want to see it.

It better be good.

Just kidding, I'm sure it will be. When I was at San Jose State for my small little film school the best day was when we were presenting our latest shorts and they were all in random order. Then I heard the music start for mine, very quiet, and it was black, and no one knew whose project it was. Then the words came up, which I did on purpose to be cocky and give myself a brand awareness, "Andrew Slater Presents" and people all clapped. Granted these were mostly my friends, but still, I wasn't the most popular guy, so it was a great feeling.

I can only assume that tommorow night when your name comes up on the screen and peopel applause, and of course at the end when everyone goes crazy, you'll have a similar feeling. Maybe 1,000 times better, but similar.

I don't know too much about you, but I bet you deserve it.

Andrew Slater

Posted by: Andrew Slater | Jul 19, 2004 9:37:58 PM

Nice work, Zack. I'm looking forward to your movie this much. There's a hand motion that goes with that which makes it more clear. I mean, it's not like an arm-spread, bear-hug thing, but that's only cause I'm not very demonstrative. It's more of a thumb-forefinger C shape, like a sideways umbrella. Still, I love the work you do and will just have to sit tight until one the indie-inclined theaters around here shows Garden State. Keep it up and good luck w/ everything!

Posted by: Ty | Jul 19, 2004 9:40:49 PM

Can't wait to see Garden State man! See you at Last Call next Tuesday. :)

Posted by: Kevin | Jul 19, 2004 9:42:22 PM

you have no idea the mass hysteria that has been created in my cramped basement apartment in Brooklyn. Myself, girlfriend, and roommates, and also people I don't think really live here, watch the teaser trailer nearly twenty times a day. Some people may call that obsessive, but I call it, well.... obsessive. Best of luck to you, thanks for the inspiration. If you're in NYC in late August, I'd love to have you check out my new play, "The Dead Sea." It's part of the Fringe Festival. check out the website for exact dates and times or email for more info. see you on july 28th.

Posted by: Mark | Jul 19, 2004 9:44:44 PM

Have been mesmerized by your trailers and soundtrack that continually play on your site. Speaking of site ...very well done. Wishing you all the best and I am looking forward to viewing the movie ...looks extremely real. So refreshing to have that option in movies.

Posted by: Annie | Jul 19, 2004 9:54:17 PM

Hey Zach,
okay i'm discussing right now with my boyfriend, Mark, he's the guy that posted how he's obsessed with your movie, and his roommates that there's no way to write one of these things and not sound crazy. so i accept that.
just want to say that the Garden State preview reminds me of why i myself am an actor. thanks for that. cant wait to see the film.

Posted by: Elizabeth | Jul 19, 2004 9:54:49 PM

It's too bad the Neon in Dayton probably won't be playing it; it really looks like it will be the best movie of the year.


Posted by: Tom | Jul 19, 2004 10:20:34 PM

Dear Director of Garden State

Or as I like to call you, "D.O.G.S.". Ba haha, I'm hilarious.

"This one bearded guy keeps peeing in a bottle and calling everyone Lucifer's children... He claims he's a cousin."

What a coincidence, my uncle Bob does the exact same things. Not really, though -- I don't even have an uncle Bob. Not that I know of, anyway.... I'm just babbling.

If you really, truly read these replies, then use the word "ticket" in your next blog entry. Only then will I believe you. Heh, I'm just kidding around.... But I'm serious, too. ;)

Keep up the good work with the blogs, and I hope you don't get too worn out from the press junket or anything else that might be stressful! :D

Posted by: Dan | Jul 19, 2004 10:37:32 PM

I'm glad to hear so many people are ready to go see the movie. I won't get it in my town, so I have to wait until dvd. Unless I can score a copy to review it for the website.

Posted by: Jeremy | Jul 19, 2004 10:40:37 PM